Born and raised in Tehran 1991, 22nd of December.

‏studied architecture also in Tehran, Iran. Around the year 2014 he got graduated from the architectural university.

‏His ideal occupation was not bounded to becoming an architecture.

‏Creating an atmosphere and artwork was always his passion; Also focusing on details in architectures; So he started this art as a passion and never looked at it as an obligation, “Art is inspirational” said by Saman.

‏”I think Italia had a great impact on me to work on sculpting beside architecture through its architectural culture and combination of sculptures among different centuries. The spark happened after reviewing renaissance period and its effects on modernity.

‏He then understood that masters such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Rafaello Sanzio did great jobs manifesting art into culture; in a way that by only Browsing those eras sculpting and paintings you can see their impacts on art

‏Apart from the spectacular anatomy of human kind and setting of organs together and their functions can be one of the most wonderful and appealing subjects of our surrounding which brain can struggle and reconsider everyday.

‏So all these above made me think about embarking on and starting with my own self.

‏Which was a disappointment, at first.

‏But by putting efforts and hours of inspection I found my true passion .

‏Through touching and inspecting the third dimension of sculpting, everything seemed more realistic and cliffhanging. I always dreamt of having a cozy studio to work on my art in my own peace,

‏When I’m making a figure, whether its a muscle or a bone, it’s all shaped in my mind, I can feel it through my soul, so my hands are the representation of whats inside my mind. There is no more need to check the original sketch, its all through the mind.”